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There are a number of business areas which are closely related to the transportation of different types of freights/goods within Moscow and Moscow Region. The transportation is not the main activity of a company; nevertheless it is a regular routine. For instance:
  • Trading networks (supermarkets, different types of network stores (phototechnique, mobile phones, the press, clothes, electricity, pharmacy, etc),
  • E-Shops,
  • Service centres,
  • Distributors performing deliveries themselves,
  • Regional companies, purchasing goods in the trade put lets spread all over Moscow and Moscow district.

In the most of the cases it is not remunerative to maintain own fleet and warehouse or is not efficient at least (talking about uneven capacity especially). It is quite common that transportation companies dont provide required flexibility to meet individual requirements of any customer.

Apart from the above it will cost you a fortune to find and hire a good specialist in logistics and if you make a mistake it will cost you twice a fortune.

Our company can help you with developing and implementing of the system of logistic operation for your company.

  • Delivery schedule coordination,
  • Types and quantity of carriers,
  • Extent of temporary stored goods.

You will have one of the best specialists in logistics at your disposal with the excellent knowledge of Moscow and Moscow district.

Our capacities:

  • Storage facilities: were using a warehouse with a total area of 550 square meters, situated next to Third Transport Circle of Moscow on the crossing of Zvenigorodskoe shosse.
  • Vehicles: a whole range from passenger cars up to lorries of 20 tones capacity. Were enabling about 40 carriers of different capacity a day.
  • Couriers: small loads are being delivered with our courier service.

We can guarantee prompt deliveries according to the timetable agreed, proper appearance of accompanying forms, providing full information about possible delays on the schedule, responsible attitude to the deliveries and goods, goods/freight insurance if necessary.