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Office: Apikom, build.1, 10, 1st Magistralniy tup., Moscow, Russia

If you are walking: Metro station "Ulitsa 1905 goda", exit to "Electronika na Presne". Follow the pedestrian subway to the second exit on your right-hand side, turn right and go to the bus stop. Take a bus number 69 and alight on the 3rd stop "Zavod Mehanicheskoy Igrushki". Follow the bus route direction until you reach traffic lights. Turn right just before white 4-storied building, you will the entrance checkpoint next to grey gates.

Phone: (495) 781-7615 (logistics), (495) 256-3191 (office)

Fax: (495) 256-3191

E-mail: lenar (at) mlgroup.ru

Internet: www.mlgroup.ru

We appreciate your time and our manager can meet you at your office to discuss the details or conclusion of a contract.

Warehouse 1: 7C1, 2nd Khoroshevsky pr., Moscow

Warehouse 2: 8th Maryinoy roschy pr. (warehouses near railway)